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7 Favorite Amazon Purchases Help Set Your School Year Up for Organization and Success!

*This blog post contains Amazon affiliate links, I receive a small commission when you purchase using my links! It is greatly appreciated*

I want to begin this post by saying you should not HAVE to buy anything for your classroom. This is such a deep-rooted problem in education that we are expected to make our classrooms organized, inviting, and successful for back to school season with little to no resources! If you do not have the funds for these purchases or do not want to use your own money it is a GREAT idea to make a wish list (find out how to do that here) or take the list of must-haves to your building principal. You might be surprised!

Amazon must-haves for back to school season.

Amazon Must Have #7: Velcro Dots

Velcro dots are the most used item in my classroom. I use these for centers, task boxes, classroom organization and decor, and so much more! It is totally worth it to buy the dots and not the tape. The tape will ruin your scissors and your fingers! Get my favorite velcro dots here!

Amazon Must Have #6: Laminator & Laminating Sheets

Ok, I know these two are technically 2 items, but they go together! Having a personal laminator makes back to school prep last all year long! I will use the free laminating at my school for posters or quick items, but for tasks, I want to last it is worth the investment to have thick sheets that won’t peel! Get the laminating sheets here and the personal laminator here.

Amazon Must Have #5: File Folders

File Folders are a great buy because you can get a ton of them for very little in cost. I use file folders for TPT products (like my Orton-Gillingham File Folder bundle), but also for organizing my caseload, keeping papers in order for IEP meetings, and having a file for any committee or PD certificates I need to keep track of! My favorite colorful file folders can be found here!

Amazon Must Have #4: Anchor Chart Paper

I love to use Anchor Charts for whole group instruction! It is such a great way to have students attend a lesson in a larger setting. I used anchor chart paper for all of the Made for Me Literacy Lessons I prepped each month and for science and social studies. I have a really fun Science Anchor Chart Product in my TPT store that is perfect for whole group science instruction! Snag some Anchor Chart Paper here!

Amazon Must Have #3: Magnetic Hooks

These little hooks are super strong and are so handy when you need to hang something up. In the past, I have used it for anchor charts, schedules, student reward cards, student schedules, visuals for the classroom, and sight word cards! The opportunities to keep your classroom organized with these are endless! You can grab my favorite magnetic hooks here!

Amazon Must Have #2: Twinkle Lights

I am a firm believer in creating a calm environment. I currently teach in a co-teaching classroom so my small group space is often used as a break space for students who are feeling out of sorts. I added twinkle lights to my classroom last year and they were such a hit. Kids would need less time to calm down and be able to return to class ready to work with some downtime with the lights off and the twinkle lights on! Grab them here!

Amazon Must Have #1: Timers

Timers are my ultimate classroom organization need. I use them for EVERYTHING! Obvious reasons like showing students how much time if left and staying on schedule, but also for help with data and behaviors. I like to use a simple kitchen timer for everyday timer needs. I prefer the multi-time timers to keep track of students’ schedules, bathroom breaks, and any other individual needs. Lastly, I love visual timers to help students see how much time they have when they are on a break or need to calm down. Focusing on the sand in the timer is a really great way to integrate sensory into their break.

Get the kitchen timer here!

Get the multi-timer here!

Get the visual sand timer here!

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