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Best Books to Teach Students About Autism

I don’t know about you but I am constantly asked by other teachers how they can teach their students in the general education about differences and special needs. It is such an important topic so it makes me super happy to share some resources I have collected over the years.

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Person First Language

Hey all! I am coming to you today to talk about a personal pet peeve of mine, person first language. I first want to say I am not writing this post to “call anyone out” or anything, but I want to help people see the light on the “PC” way

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Morning Meeting!

Morning Meeting! In an Autism classroom Morning meeting is my FAVORITE part of the day. It is one of the few times that we get to sit together…..WHOLE GROUP! Whole group is such a hard thing for my little superheroes to complete. So many distractions, having to wait their turn,

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Visuals in the Classroom

If you are a Special Education teacher visuals should be your BFF! We wouldn’t be able to get through a normal run of the mill day in my classroom with out multiple visuals to help my friends be successful! We use visuals for everything, but here are some good examples

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100th Day of School & a Freebie!

Can you believe it is February tomorrow?!?! This year has had many ups and downs and challenged me as a teacher which is AWESOME, but it sure if flying by! This week we are gearing up to celebrate the 100th day of school. This is one of my favorite days

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Social Narratives in the classroom

Hello friends! I have been MIA… has been a very interesting start to my school year. My classroom consists of 6 kids 4 of which are brand new to me this year. I also had a move in less than 1 week before school started complete with a not so

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