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100th Day of School & a Freebie!

Can you believe it is February tomorrow?!?! This year has had many ups and downs and challenged me as a teacher which is AWESOME, but it sure if flying by! This week we are gearing up to celebrate the 100th day of school. This is one of my favorite days of the year! We talk about it everyday beginning day 1.

I begin my 100th day prep by sending home a parent letter exhaling the day, homework, and donations.

Donations thats I ask for are mostly for the snack and a few of the activities:
 -Gummie Bears, marshmallows, cherries, fruit loops, chocolate chips, goldfish, raisins,  butterscotch chips, streamers and cotton balls to name a few. 
The kids are also given two homework assignments: 
1. Fill a zip lock bag with 100 (non perishable) items 
2. Decorate (and wear) and shirt with 100 things on it.
The shirts turn our SOOOOOO cute–here are some of my favorites! 
Our Snack is filling up 10 frames with the donations brought it. This is great for the students to stay engaged AND try new foods which is always a hard task in my classroom! 
We then work all day of LOTS of 100th day activities such as: 
-100 piece fruit loop necklace 
-Hat with 100 stickers 
-Hershey kiss hunt: 100 kisses are hidden around the room and then we fill out a 100s chart together! 
-100 link paper chain 
-100 year old self portraits with ripped up paper
-Graphing with Candy hearts 
-100 ways to do sensory: This is so fun we do 10 activities 10 times such as sit ups, wall push ups, and jumping jacks! I use my Sensory brain breaks to complete this task! Check those out here: Sensory Brain Breaks
I just adore this day and I hope you are inspired to add some of these activities to your class as well! Check out my 100th Day of School Activity Pack Freebie!!! Enjoy some more pictures below! 


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Have a WONDERFUL 100th day of learning! 
Julie-Superheroes in Sped 
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