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Category: Academic Skills

Allowing Students to Become Independent Writers

Let’s paint a picture. Its time to work on writing. Your students have mapped out their ideas using graphic organizers and now they are going to make their first draft. Slowly but surely a line begins to form wherever you go to help your students. Before you know it it

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Teaching Multiplication in a Low Incidence Classroom

Multiplication. It is a math skills that allows math life skills to be completed in a faster timeframe. When I first began teaching in a low incidence classroom the idea of teaching multiplication seemed like a mountain I wasn’t prepared to climb. How could I make this complex skills accessible

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Best Books to Teach Students About Autism

I don’t know about you but I am constantly asked by other teachers how they can teach their students in the general education about differences and special needs. It is such an important topic so it makes me super happy to share some resources I have collected over the years.

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ESY Units!

ESY, or extended school year, is SO important to the kids from my classroom. If they go all summer without their structure, routine, and working on skills it only leads for a rough transition to school in the fall. I have a  soft spot in my heart for ESY because

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