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Creating Confident Independent Writers With 1 Low Prep Tool!

Superheroes in SPED

Let’s paint a picture. It’s time to work on writing. Your students have mapped out their ideas using graphic organizers and now they are going to make their first draft. Slowly but surely a line begins to form behind you. Before you know it it is time for lunch and most of your students spent the class waiting for confirmation on spelling, grammar, etc.

Has this happened to you? Working in a co-taught classroom many students expect to have their trusty special education teacher confirm a mastered step. This is why, as a “trusty special education” teacher, I dread writing assignments. To help my sanity this upcoming school year I went into problem-solving mode and created a resource to help create independence in my young writers.

The Independent Writers Folder is a low prep way to give students independence when writing. In the folder the students will have the first 300 words on the FRY Word List in alphabetical order, commonly used words by category, a working word wall to add words as the year goes on, cheat sheets for punctuation and capital letters, the structure of a paragraph, and more!
helping special education students become independent writers

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