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4 Ways to Prep Your Special Education Caseload for a Successful Start to your School Year

special education caseload

Summer is the perfect time to organize yourself so everything you need for your special education caseload. Last year I moved to a co-teaching classroom which meant a bigger special education caseload. I was so overwhelmed with all the data points, progress monitoring tools, and my to-do list organized. As the year went on I got into a groove, but I plan on starting the new school year as my best-organized self!

I use to have one binder for each student, then I tried to go completely digital, this year I finally settled on ONE binder to house all of my info on each student. I use simple tabs and dividers to keep everything organized. I like the plastic ones that have a pocket so I can throw loose papers into them in a pinch! This allows me to have a “hub” to reference when I have a conference, IEP meeting, or an admin asks for specific information!

This allows me to have a “hub” to reference when I have a conference, IEP meeting, or an admin asks for a specific information!

I am a self-proclaimed data nerd! I like to make a google doc that I can easily share or attach to IEP’s digitally, but I also love paper/pencil data in the moment. It is easier for me to jot down the scores, trials, or observational notes so I print off my Digital forms and add them to my main binder!

Making a checklist for accommodations and modifications is a great way to keep the general education teachers in the loop. In my experience, gen ed teachers are more than willing to manage some modifications and accommodations in the classroom if the information is easily accessible for them!

Finally, having a foundation of basic, grade-level appropriate progress monitoring tools will help you get data in a moment’s notice. I like to utilize google docs to organize by skill. I also love to have digital assessments on hand. Check out my Math and ELA Progress Monitoring Resource in my teacher’s pay teachers store! You can also join my email list to get access to my FREE Resource Library!

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