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Teaching Money Using Visuals That Will Set Your Students Up For Success!

Understanding the value of bills and coins is a major life skill that will help special education students at all stages in life. Using visuals to help students understand how to count different variations of coins is a game changer! Many of our students are working on counting and number identification while their same-aged peers are being exposed to higher-level math. Using visuals with coins allows students to have the opportunity to learn the skills that are also taking place in the general education classroom.

teaching money in a special education classroom
Money can be a really complex idea for children, especially students with special needs. My students had the most success with this concept when visuals were attached to each coin. Each dot on the coin represents 5. So if a child is able to count by 5’s they have an opportunity to count different variations of coins! It is such a simple trick that gave my students the ability to master this important life skill. Students are able to work on mastering their counting skills as well so their IEP math goal of 1:1 counting is integrated into the lesson!

Money Skills Printable Packet

This packet is a foolproof way to introduce counting coins to your students. The unit comes with a pre and post-test so that you are able to track their growth, poems to help identify coins by their attributes, a variety of worksheets to identify coins and their value, teaching charts to explain the visuals, and more! These activities kept my students engaged in the concept and help their mastery of the skill!

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