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Happy May!

Hello! Can you believe it! It is actually May—only 20 some more days of school and then we are on sweet summer time! Well I have two weeks until Extended School Year begins but it will be an amazing two weeks!

With May comes Teacher Appreciation and I am so happy to be in the community. Even though I am a teacher and not a student/parent I appreciate all the teachers I work with on a daily basis, follow on social media, met thru TPT, and CAN”T wait to meet in Vegas (which is just a few short months away!!)

So–to say Thank you to all you teachers who have supported me on this TPT journey my store will be 20% off in addition to the HUGE teacher appreciation site wide sale on May 5-6!

Some of my favorite products to check out

What Time is it? adaptive book bundle
Adaptive Letter Sounds Book
Sensory Brain Break for students with Special Needs

I will also be posting a MEGA unit on the Special Olympics—if your students are participating in the spring special olympics in your county this pack will help your kids understand events, what will happen, and play a fun Bingo game! It will be posted in time for the sale!

Have a great week everyone! I hope your school, students, and administration help you feel SUPER appreciated this week!


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